Mop Sink Cabinet

A mop sink cabinet, one of the most suitable and functional pieces of cleaning instrumentation, can be added to your occupation. It is able to be installed from one of these mop sink into your existing drain pipe which permitting your janitorial treatment or sweepers to dump former H 2 O with no the lifting strain or bending their back to take it. They are also made of high grade metal and these profit oriented mops sink which is built for the last.

You can come and find a profit oriented mop sink made in a wide range of different measurements here which allowing you to find one which optimal accommodates the available space in your business. The mop sink cabinet is also able to come with shelves, sink cabinet, side splashes, and other accessories which build it even more comfortable for your staff to use. And for the best in sanitation, a few of these mop sink are even NSF listed.

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