Thurs 2/5: Community meeting in W. Rox @ Ohrenberger School

Please come to a community meeting organized by Stop the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline (SWRL)

Thursday, Feb. 5, 6:45 p.m.

Ohrenberger School (in the cafeteria), 175 West Boundary Rd., West Roxbury

Did you know? Senators Markey and Warren finally, in response to the pressure we have mounted, sent a letter to FERC yesterday expressing concern over the safety of the proposed WRL pipeline. Their statement of opposition is good news, but without more intervention and pressure, Spectra Energy will break ground on their high-pressure natural gas pipeline — which will stretch from Westwood through Dedham into West Roxbury — as early as March 15. This project is dangerous! Come to this important community meeting to learn why and to discuss how we can stop it. We have invited speakers from other anti-pipeline campaigns to share their lessons and experiences. We will discuss how we can broaden our support and strengthen our struggle in West Roxbury to keep our community safe. Getting there: The school has a parking lot. You can take the #34 bus down Washington St and get off at the intersection with West Boundary Rd. The school is about a 5-minute walk along West Boundary Rd. Questions: The campaign can use your help!

Other things to do:

  • Door canvassing Come help to get our message out and organize our community. Meet at Panera Bread, 75 Spring Street, Sunday, Feb. 1 at 12 noon. Paul Horn will coordinate. 617-780-6979
  • Put up a lawn sign New lawn signs are available. Contact to get one. (Suggested donation: $10 to cover costs)
  • Host a house meeting Volunteers needed. Help build the campaign by hosting a house meeting and invite your friends and neighbors. SWRL will assist you and send a speaker to help answer questions about the pipeline and how we can organize grass root community pressure to stop it. Contact if interested.

Sun 1/25: Photos from the rally on Centre St in West Roxbury

Thanks for coming!

See Kathy McCabe’s report for the Boston Globe about the nearly 100 people who turned out in the snowy streets to make a statement!

standing in a circle around the rotary Marching in a line around the rotary Holding up a sign in a crowd Standing in a line around the rotary A large "GasTastrophe" banner in the rotary

Rally to Show Your Opposition Sponsored by The Committee to Stop the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline WHEN: Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015 11:30 a.m. WHERE: The rotary near Holy Name Church & BPD Precinct E-5 1689 Centre Street, West Roxbury They may approve this project any day now if they don’t hear from us! Federal comment period ends this Friday [Jan. 23, 2015]. Did You Know?

  • Joyce Kilmer Elementary, Roxbury Latin, and Beethoven School are all in the “impact zone” of the pipeline if an explosion were to happen.
  • There are approximately 200 residents at the German Center – also in the Impact Zone

Why Do We Need Your Help? If we are not successful, we risk:

  • A potentially deadly explosion caused by the blasting at the quarry, third-party damage, or acts of terrorism.
  • Potential environmental impact and noise pollution.
  • Loss of property values and/or loss of property due to eminent domain.

If you can distribute flyers in advance of the rally to let people know about it, here’s a great one to use. We got great media attention at our last event. We are inviting the media back! We need hundreds of concerned citizens at this event. Bring your signs, your voices, and warm clothing!!

SWRL coalition meeting: Thursday night, 1/22 in Dedham

The next coalition meeting to Stop the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline will be Thurs, Jan. 22, 2015. Thank you for joining us.

Residents of the towns of Westwood, Dedham, West Roxbury opposed to the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline Project have formed the STOP THE WEST ROXBURY LATERAL! COALITION

Drawing from an estimated 80,000 population for the total area, the Coalition has been formed to leverage strength from its size and common concerns to:

1. Continue to develop strategies.
2. Hold its elected leaders accountable.
3. Take action in various forms in order to stop this dangerous natural gas high-pressure transmission pipeline from being constructed near any densely populated, high-consequence neighborhood.

The next meeting of the STOP THE WEST ROXBURY LATERAL! COALITION will be:

Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015
6:45-8:30 p.m.
Fellowship Bible Church
47 Milton Street
Dedham, MA 02026
(Entrance on Milton Street)
Google Map

Public transit

Bus route #33 will bring you within a half-mile of the church, but please note that bus service ends for this route in the early evening, so you will need a different plan for your return trip after the meeting is over.

For the return trip, if you are going back to Forest Hills, walk 1 mile north up Milton/Bussey St to the corner of Washington St. and catch the #34 which goes NE on Washington St to Forest Hills. The #34 runs late.

Jan 16, 2015: Rally to stop the pipeline! (photos and video)

Thanks for coming to the rally! About 70 people turned out on a Friday night in frigid weather. There is movement to stop the pipeline. We can do it!

If you missed it on TV on Jan. 16, see Julie Loncich’s news segment for CBS Boston WBZ-TV in which she interviewed resident Christopher White. See also Brett Crawford’s video of the rally, posted to Wicked Local West Roxbury.





Original event notice

Rally to Stop the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline
Friday, Jan. 16, 7 pm
Corner of Grove and Centre St., West Roxbury
Across from the quarry, at the site of the pipeline’s proposed metering and regulating station.

All concerned citizens should come! Bring signs! Let’s make some noise!
because this is

Dress warmly for the outdoors

WBZ TV is coming… Gas pipeline expert Mark McDonald has also been invited.

Download flyers to promote the rally!


If you need an address to put in your GPS, use “10 Grove St, West Roxbury, MA 02132”. Or, look at this map.

You may not be able to park on Grove St immediately in front of the quarry, as the road is curved and there are ‘no-parking’ signs. However, you may park on other sections of Grove St and on adjacent residential streets.

Public transit? Yes!

From Forest Hills “upper busway”:

#35 bus (to Dedham Mall via Belgrade Ave). Buses on this route are scheduled to depart Forest Hills at 6:15 and 6:45 p.m. on Friday night. When the bus is traveling along Centre St, get off at Grove St. That’s the site of the rally! You’ll see West Roxbury Crushed Stone where the road forks to your left (Grove St), and the rally will be at that fork.

– OR –

#34 bus (to Dedham Line Via Washington St). Buses on this route are scheduled to depart Forest Hills at 6:20 and 6:50 p.m. on Friday night. As the bus travels SW (outbound) along Washington St, it will announce “Grove St.” Get off here. Turn right onto Grove St. Walk for 10 minutes until you see West Roxbury Crushed Stone on your right. The rally is on your left.

Leaving the rally: Catch the #35 bus back to Forest Hills. It is scheduled to return at 8:23 p.m. as it travels north along the West Roxbury Crushed Stone side of Grove St. Or, walk a few minutes south to Washington St and catch the #34 back to Forest Hills.

You can input “West Roxbury Crushed Stone Co” as an address in’s “Trip Planner” website to find your own directions.

Mon, Jan. 12, 7 p.m. – WR Civic & Improvement Ass’n. to discuss pipeline

West Roxbury Saves Energy (WRSE) has been asked to give an update on the West Roxbury Lateral (WRL) pipeline situation at the West Roxbury Civic & Improvement Association (WRCIA) meeting on Monday, Jan. 12 at 7 p.m. at St. Stephen’s Church Hall on 5160 Washington St, West Roxbury.

There is a good article on about this upcoming event. Please note: The church address on the article has been corrected, but was previously published incorrectly. If you wish to confirm the church’s address, it is here on the church’s own website: St. Stephen’s Church

Big turnout for Jan. 6, 2015 meeting

Over 100 residents came to a meeting in West Roxbury on Jan. 6 to discuss concerns about the pipeline.

Jan. 6, 2015 meeting in West Roxbury

Among the facts presented by residents

  • Spectra already purchased land from the quarry for the metering and regulation (M&R) station. This land was previously the site of a house that had become structurally unsound due to the quarry’s blasting. It is still zoned as residential but homes cannot be built there.
  • The M&R station cannot be considered separately from the pipeline. They are part of the same project. The station will meter the amount of gas passing through so that the energy companies can put a dollar amount on it, and it will regulate the pressure of the gas, changing it from high-pressure to low-pressure so that it is able to flow through lower-pressure neighborhood distribution pipes and then into residential houses. The impact of the M&R station must be considered as part of the impact of the overall pipeline project.
  • Spectra has not begun construction on the pipeline yet. They need regulatory approval of the Final Environmental Impact Statement which may come by the end of the month. The commission’s review is supposed to include review of possible alternate routes.
  • Residential demand for gas is already being met. The energy companies want this pipeline to support the profitability of their changing infrastructure.
  • Although Massachusetts has banned fracking as a method of obtaining gas from natural underground reserves, gas that has been fracked elsewhere can still pass through pipelines that run through Massachusetts, as it will in this project. The proposed AIM pipeline will run through four states; the West Roxbury Lateral pipeline is an offshoot that will take gas from Westwood into Boston.
  • Look for articles by Paul Horn and Ricky Harvey, along with a possible rebuttal by the industry or the regulatory body, in the upcoming issue of the West Roxbury Transcript.
  • A coalition of environmental groups will rally at Boston City Hall on Wed, Jan 14 from 11-1 supporting an assortment of environmental issues.

Among the concerns that were raised

  • The official assessment that there is a minimal risk reflects the probability of interference from the quarry’s blasting. It does not reflect the possibility of interference by a disturbed or malicious individual at the site of the above-ground M&R station.
  • Why should anyone expect the gas company to maintain the new pipeline better than they maintain existing pipelines?
  • Why doesn’t Spectra consider moving the pipeline route so that it doesn’t pass right next to the quarry? Presumably money is not an object for them here, especially as the pipeline has not been built yet?
  • There was a distinction between activism to move the pipeline (to someone else’s neighborhood) and to stop the pipeline, along with recognition that people in attendance may have different views on this.

Among the ideas for volunteering

  • In the past week, 15 volunteers doorknocked on 1,000 houses in three days. They found that neighborhood awareness of the pipeline project was generally very low. There are 3,000 houses in the high-risk neighborhood that SWRL would still like to target. Volunteers are needed.
  • Please reach out to neighborhood public schools and to college students.
  • Help design lawn signs.
  • Contact TV stations.
  • It would be great if someone could offer speaker trainings.
  • Help determine residents’ legal options.