Massachusetts Nurses Association supports ‘Stop the WRL Pipeline’ campaign

Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA), the labor union representing 23,000 of the state’s RNs, announced their support for the Stop the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline (SWRL) campaign. MNA’s Board of Directors also voted to assist SWRL, the local West Roxbury grassroots community organization active in opposing the pipeline. The nursing union has donated resources valuing $1,000 from its print shop, along with other services and assistance to the campaign.

David Schildmeier, Director of Public Communications at Massachusetts Nurses Association stated:

As an organization of frontline nurses who work every day to ensure optimum public health and public safety, we offer our strong support to the campaign opposing the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline as we believe this project presents an undue risk for a tragic accident impacting the communities surrounding the pipeline. Our organization also has longstanding concerns about the use of and reliance on fracked gas to be delivered through this pipeline given the significant environmental damage caused by fracked gas.

SWRL’s steering committee expressed wholehearted gratitude to the MNA for its help in protecting the health and safety of all the affected communities.

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