Lobbying campaign continues: Activists calling for a pipeline moratorium

Boston – A fledgling movement continued April 7, 2015 with visits to the offices of US Senator Edward Markey, US Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. It is called the “Campaign for a Pipeline Moratorium.” Supporters of Stop West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline Coalition (SWRL) vow to increase public pressure for key decision-makers to stand up to the fracked gas industry.

Despite no direct response to letters and two prior visits, Senator Warren and Markey aides told representatives of eight environmental groups that their lines of communication have always been open but that there is nothing more they can do to get the Senators to respond to the request. The activists want a pipeline moratorium, pending stringent health department safety studies.

The senators were asked to respond to urgent pleas to oppose the pipeline by April 16 in time to be part of publicity on Earth Day April 22 either congratulating their courage and vision or expressing alarm at their inability to protect their constituents.

SWRL was forced to act by the recent decision by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to approve Spectra Energy’s Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) pipeline expansion. The proposed expansion includes a new pipeline passing through Westwood, Dedham and West Roxbury en route to a metering and regulating station only 200 feet from an active blasting quarry. Construction is scheduled to begin by the end of this month.

Jestin Jose, who lives within the blast radius of the proposed metering and regulation station, is concerned about his family’s safety. “It’s so sad that the company wants to put their metering station next to the blasting quarry. I have three kids. I am worried about their lives.”

In addition to safety, they are concerned that leaks from these fracked gas pipelines release methane which traps 87 times more heat than carbon dioxide, contributing to irreversible climate change. The pipeline would bring in three times more fracked gas than is needed for local consumption. They assert that the excess capacity is headed to Canada for export to overseas markets and that the profit-driven expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure will only precipitate further desperate crises related to climate change, raising the specter of more violent storms, increasing floods, and intensifying drought, famine, civil unrest and resource wars.


Media contact: David Ludlow, davidludlow1@gmail.com 617-522-4246

Senators’ and Mayor’s aides:

Chris Lange for Senator Warren: chris_lange@warren.senate.gov 617-565-3170
David Brade for Senator Markey: david_brade@markey.senate.gov 617-565-8519
Chris Rusk for Mayor Walsh: christopher.rusk@boston.gov 617-635-4818

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