Atlantic Bridge Q-1 Loop expansion: Canceled, for now?

We heard yesterday (May 26) that Spectra is canceling (at least for now) the Atlantic Bridge Q-1 Loop expansion of the Algonquin pipeline in Franklin, Bellingham and Medway. Therefore, the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board hearing in Franklin for Thursday, May 28, has also been canceled. Abutters should have received hand-delivered letters today (May 27).

The energy industry has a piecemeal approach to build its network of pipelines. In addition to AIM (of which the WRL is a part) and Atlantic Bridge (which has the canceled Q-1 Loop expansion), other important projects to know about are Access Northeast and the Weymouth compressor station. The compressor station will push the gas through Boston Harbor up to the North Shore of Massachusetts. Spectra still plans to move forward with the proposed Weymouth compressor station.