Civil disobedience against dangerous pipeline in West Roxbury: April 23, 2016

We encourage SWRL members to show their support by coming to this event, sponsored by RSVP on Facebook

On Saturday, April 23 from 9 am-noon, with growing grassroots support from across the region, opponents of the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline (WRL) will again engage in non-violent civil disobedience (NVCD) to stop its construction.

Protesters will gather at 9 am at Draper Playground (5279 Washington St. at Tobin Rd) in West Roxbury, Mass. where construction by Texas-based Spectra Energy Corp. has recently resumed. At 10 am, protesters will engage in civil disobedience if construction is in progress. Organizers expect upwards of 200 persons, representing local residents, supporters from the greater Boston area, and a number of environmental organizations.

April 23 flyer

While lawsuits against the project by both the City of Boston and Town of Dedham are pending, organizers point out that it will be several months before the cases can even be heard in federal court, and the chances of a successful appeal are unclear.

Last summer and fall saw the first wave of NVCD, as well as other protest activity, against the WRL, as Dedham Selectman Mike Butler was arrested at a Spectra construction site near the Legacy Place shopping center. By last fall 41 people had been arrested for civil disobedience, and nearly 300 have now pledged to take such action this year. Several hundred others have pledged to support them, and there is a waiting list of over 200 for new sessions of NVCD training arranged by organizers.

The April 23 action is part of a larger resistance to this project along its entire route from Pennsylvania through New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island. It is organized by several local groups that have recently coalesced to fight the WRL: Resist the Pipeline (, Stop the West Roxbury Lateral (, Students against the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline (Facebook Page), Unitarian Universalist Mass Action, and the First Parish Bedford Climate Justice Group.

The project, driven by a desire for corporate profit over community safety and responsible energy policy, has been deemed both dangerous and unnecessary. You can read more on

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