The AIM pipeline will cover long distances and affect many cities and towns. We should educate ourselves and work together!

Boston Clean Energy Coalition

From their mission statement: “A grassroots advocacy association, the Boston Clean Energy Coalition (BCEC) works to create an organizing space that accelerates efforts in Boston to transition to a clean, green economy. BCEC currently focuses on halting the expansion of fracked gas and other fossil-fuel infrastructure while promoting net-zero-carbon standards for the built environment.” BCEC’s website

Resist the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline

A local group dedicated to “engage in witness and/or nonviolent direct action to halt construction and pressure our elected officials to use every tool at their disposal to stop this pipeline.” Resist’s website

Town of Dedham

The Town of Dedham had previously filed for “intervenor” status, and it filed for a “request for a rehearing” of FERC’s decision before the April 2, 2015 deadline to do so. PDF of the legal filing

Dedham residents

“A request for the Board of Health,” Letter to the editor of the Dedham Transcript signed by eight Dedham residents, Aug. 13, 2015.

West Roxbury Saves Energy (WRSE)

(WRSE) sends out many informative updates, archived on their website.

West Roxbury Civic and Improvement Association (WRCIA)

On Jan. 11, 2016, the WRCIA wrote to the Mass. Dept of Homeland Security Undersecretary Patrick McMurray to indicate that the WRCIA “recently voted and reaffirmed our position opposing the proposed location” of the M&R station. (For more info about WRCIA, see their Facebook page)

Deutsches Altenheim

On March 11, 2015, the President of the Board of Trustees and the CEO of the Deutsches Altenheim nursing home/assisted living residence sent a letter to Spectra’s law firm, Keegan Werlin LLP, saying:

“the safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff is our top priority. We are convinced that the proposed West Roxbury lateral pipeline would increase the risk of a serious incident along Centre Street, especially given the routine basting, excavation and high gross weight trucking at the nearby quarry. Any pipeline-related event, which would effectively block us from implementing our disaster evacuation plan, would have a tragic outcome.”

Massachusetts Sierra Club

On March 23, 2015, leaders of the Massachusetts Sierra Club wrote to Sen. Warren and Sen. Markey, citing their support for a moratorium on new pipeline construction pending review of health and safety impacts, and also expressing their concern that pipelines like this “are really about providing excess capacity to enable gas to be exported through several offshore Massachusetts and Canadian Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal.”

Mass. Nurses Association

Massachusetts Nurses Association made a generous in-kind donation of graphic design and printing services.

American Postal Workers Union – Boston Metro Local

The local donated to SWRL in 2016. Thank you for your support!

Boston Teachers Union

Boston Teachers Union mentioned SWRL in their April 7, 2015 e-newsletter: “We have been asked to publicize the movement to stop the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline, and we do gladly as we have a number of schools quite near the construction site.”

Mothers Out Front

Mothers Out Front

Citizens’ Risk Assessment

As of early 2018, Citizens’ Risk Assessment was seeking individuals to take their survey about the psychological impact of pipeline projects. This can be pipeline projects in Pennsylvania (Mariner East, PennEast, Atlantic Sunrise) or anywhere.

Facebook groups/pages

No NEW FrackedGas infrastructure in West Roxbury, Dedham, or the NorthEast!

People over Pipelines, MA

Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE) New York

FANG: Fighting Against Natural Gas


Massachusetts PipeLine Awareness Network (MassPLAN)

NatGas Consulting Boston-based consulting about natural gas safety

Flood Boston: Climate Justice Direct Action Network Intersectional movement building for Boston region activists. Spokescouncil held first Sunday each month.

Natural Gas Watch Tracking pipeline explosions and examining the risk posed by natural gas, especially to New York City

Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE) New York

No More Pipelines British Columbia, Canada

350 Massachusetts

Foundation for a Green Future

Food & Water Watch

Better Future Project

Stop Spectra

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