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SWRL’s Facebook page:

The following Facebook groups are not run by SWRL, but they are good sources of information. They are run by local people about local issues, and SWRL members have used them as a public forum.

Stop Back Bay Pipeline

Stop the Pipeline in Dedham

No NEW FrackedGas infrastructure in West Roxbury, Dedham, or the NorthEast! (run by Andrea Doremus Cuetara)

People Over Pipelines, MA (run by Mary Ellen)

Charles River / Spring Valley Neighborhood Association


SWRL’s Twitter account: @swrl_info


You’re on it! Share with other local people.

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In 2018, we encourage you to sign the petition from 350 Mass for a Better Future to “demand that Governor Baker halt all new gas infrastructure projects.”

Contact SWRL leaders by email

Write to us at

Converse with neighbors on an email group

We have a discussion list for our volunteers to connect and work together. Anyone may join.

1. Go to!forum/swrl_info
2. Click the link “Subscribe to this group” (Please note: This may only display on “full size” screens; it may not display for tablet and mobile devices. You may also see different options depending on whether you are already signed into Google.)
3. Enter your email address and the “captcha” code
4. You will immediately receive an email from Click the “Join This Group” button in the email.

That’s it! Once you’ve joined:

To post a message, send email to
To unsubscribe, send email to

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