SWRL’s volunteer activities (history)


Media Getting or story into social media, newspapers, TV radio stations and people’s web networks. (Writers, reporters, researchers, story monitors, photographers, videographers, tweeters and other social media users.) In August 2016, Resist the Pipeline ran an ad in local papers with residents’ signatures.
Legal Uncover and exploit any lapses in Spectra’s or FERC’s obligations through public pressure and legal action. (Researchers)
Community Outreach Education and engagement through tabling, canvassing, house parties speaking to other organizations.
Community ‘In-reach’ Networkers to check in with those in our database to see if and how they might want to be more involved. Web monitors to reply to commenters or those interested.
Cross-group coordination Working with other no new fossil fuel infrastructure groups to build a coalition. (Researchers to link our mutual struggles. Networkers to build relationships by going to their meetings and demonstrations, to track our mutual progress and strategies.)
Direct action Group meetings with officials, demonstrations.


Canvassers/tablers Coordinate with us to door-knock on every home in West Roxbury (and Dedham, and…)
Share these flyers with your neighbors: “This pipeline proposal must be stopped!” (.doc) and “Say ‘No!’ to Spectra’s Fracked Gas” (.pdf)
Put up a sign on your lawn or window or anywhere else: Suggested Design 1 (.pdf) and Design 2 (.pdf)
House party hosts Invite your local friends and neighbors to an informal, informational house party. A SWRL leader will be happy to lead a brief discussion and answer any questions. Suggested agenda (.docx) and flyer (.docx)
Attend vigils
Social media users
Video editors
Website developers
Letter lobbyists
Phone call lobbyists Call the offices of Senators Markey and Warren and let them know that you are concerned, and also contact FERC: Download “What You Can Do” (.pdf)
Phone call networkers
Website monitors (e.g. reply to inquiries)
Public relations advisors
Anything else you can offer we haven’t thought of yet

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